The City of Camden Redevelopment Agency ("CRA") was awarded $11.9MM in NSP 2 funds for the purchase and redevelopment of abandoned or foreclosed homes or residential properties, returning a minimum of 100 abandoned or foreclosed homes back to productive use. Activities carried out under the NSP2 Program include land banking, demolition of blighted structures, providing grants/loans for housing redevelopment and closing costs for NSP 2 property purchasers, and housing counseling services within seven targeted Census Tracts.

Areas of need and targeted geographies include Census Tract 6002 Gateway, 6003 Cooper Plaza/Lanning Square, 6007 Coopers Poynt, 6008 Pyne Point, 6011.02 Rosedale, 6012 Stockton, and 6013 Marlton. The NSP 2 funds have been allocated to the following eligible categories; 10% of NSP2 grant or $1,192,689 for administration, $7,629,198 for purchase & rehabilitate residential properties that have been abandoned or foreclosed upon for sale or rent, $75,000 for Housing Counseling, $350,000 for Closing Cost Assistance, $2,370,000 for Landbanking and property disposition, and $310,000 for Demolition.

CRA's NSP 2 application was supported by the City of Camden, State Department of Treasury, Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, and Economic Development Authority; institutional anchors included Cooper Health Systems, Rutgers and Rowan Universities, and the Campbell's Soup Company; and the Non-Profit housing development community.

Evaluation Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2  

NSP2 Operations Manual

PSE and Resident Housing Reports 

1. City of Camden Redevelopment Agency Public Sector Employee Housing Report  Jan 2019

2. City of Camden Redevelopment Agency Residents' Housing Report   May 2019